Poetry in Granada


My literature professor invited me to a poetry reading tonight.  I got there early and it started late.  I should have known.  When they finally got started, there were tons of people who had to make introductions and thank people.  The whole thing was about Granada being recognized as an «International City of Poetry».  The first poet was a little old lady in a wheelchair.  She had purple streaks in her hair.  She was good, as far as I could make out.  They had a woman on the piano in the background playing chamber music throughout.  This continued for the next three poets.  She was finally told to stop by one of the longwinded organizers.  The most I got from that first bit was annoyance and a nice line about «el esqueleto de mi credito.»  The next poets were okay but kept using naturaleza imagery.  Jardines y ramas y pajaros…

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